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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Award Winner "Revoloution" Wakes the Spirit of Cinema

International Entertainment News, Los Angeles correspondent Paul Korda
"REVOLOUTION" winner of Best picture, jury prizes and distinctions at twelve film festivals in the US and Europe gets it's first US public screening in Los Angeles on April 28th-May 4th at the Laemmie Sunset S and New York on May 12th-17th at the Village East.
It is expected to draw interest due to it's transformational elements. The story of a streetfighter (Bret Carr) with a speech impediment, whose problem with recognizing, or expressing his feelings leads him to a boil, mentally and emotionally.
The film from the get-go, directed by Bret Carr, with script co-written by Quinn Redeker, writer of 5-time Oscar winner, "The Deer Hunter", is both musically, (Bill Conti) and visually intriguing, with scenes of the New York waterfront in frames condusive to an artists pallette in liquid motion, together with the pounding of a deep, booming, urban bass drum. The characters that haunt the lower realms of Lou's life, on the boxing circuit, have an eerie, real ring to them. They have the same pent up frustration, that has developed from their unresolved pasts, and represent that old 50's macho male personality trait, that avoids the sensitive side of human nature, in the fear that sensitivity means that you're gay. Each one showing the other who is the toughest. The pastiche of editing into flashbacks of Lou's childhood, though sometimes rather abrupt, gives one the feeling of the echoes of the past, like an LSD trip, winding down a tunnel that never ends.
At the limit of his ability to cope with his anger, he sees an advertisement that he feels may help him overcome his problem, and through the open people he meets, he manages to transcend and realize the part of his past that has been inhibiting his life. Carr proves his affinity for the character and the story in his original approach as director.
Altogether, both cast and crew have created an artistic vision that shows us an avenue of getting in touch with ourselves in the here and now, and not living a partial life, controlled by our lack of resolution to our pasts.
If this movie gets the distribution and attention it deserves, who knows what the Academy will award?

International Entertainment News

Daytime Emmy nominated Tony Jay in Critical Condition

Los Angeles-Thursday April 20th. British veteran actor Tony Jay who was recently nominated for a Daytime Emmy in the Voice category for the upcoming Emmies is in critical condition at Cedar Sinai hospital following micro-surgery today. Formerly a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company Tony Jay's work as an actor and voice artist is extensive and featured in many Disney animated films such as his role as the evil Frollo in Disney's "Hunchback of Notre-Dame" and his many TV roles in shows "Golden Girls", "Star Trek" and numerous others as well as live-action movies. He recently released "Speaking of Broadway" a CD of his orchestral arrangements of the great Broadway composers, combining them with his expressive way of speaking the lyrics. His family were with him today to support his recovery.