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Friday, May 27, 2016

Songtradr Takes Off: Thousands of New Artists, Songwriters, Composers, Labels and Publishers Flock to the Music Rights Marketplace

Songtradr Takes Off: Thousands of New Artists, Songwriters, Composers, Labels and Publishers Flock to the Music Rights Marketplace

SANTA MONICA, Calif., May 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Since launching in March, Songtradr's licensing platform has welcomed over 6,000 artists, songwriters, and composers, as well as established labels, publishers, and music libraries as content partners and clients. Songtradr's team is actively matching the flood of submissions with makers of films, TV, video games, and ads in the global marketplace. Users have signed up from more than 50 countries, uploading thousands of tracks each week, making Songtradr the most geographically diverse music licensing marketplace in the world.

"We had approximately 350 new users sign up each week during March and since our keynote presentation in April at MUSEXPO, thousands more have joined," explains Songtradr CEO Paul Wiltshire. "It's very exciting."

Songtradr's sponsorship of MIDEM (June 3-6) should prompt another tidal wave of international partnerships. There, Wiltshire and team will showcase the platform's free content management and metadata system, variable license pricing, and the platform's continually updated wanted listings--what Wiltshire describes as "a solid map of what, historically, has been a very fragmented and confusing space."

Songtradr's expert curation appeals to music supervisors, editors, production companies, and creative agencies. They can explore catalogs using Songtradr's search function or get concrete, spot-on recommendations from the curation team led by Michelle Crispin, who has 20 years of experience in licensing and A&R.

Songtradr allows creatives to determine the value of their own music using Songtradr's proprietary variable license pricing system. This technology calculates a reasonable fee for licenses based on media, usage, territory, term, and other factors. These innovative features, along with the platform's global reach are revolutionizing access for both creators and buyers, and explain Songtradr's rapid growth. As Wiltshire says, "All are welcome!"

Meet the Songtradr team at MIDEM, R7.K12

ABOUT SONGTRADR is a global marketplace platform connected to a dynamic content management system where music assets are stored, discovered and monetized. Creators and catalogs maintain complete control of their rights and are empowered with the tools they need to better manage and optimize their music assets. Using Songtradr's proprietary search and variable license pricing technology, music supervisors, brands, filmmakers and other creatives can now easily license music from some of the world's best composers, songwriters, artists, bands and catalogs.

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