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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Global Rockstar Presents New Online Voting System for Eurovision Preselections

Global Rockstar Presents New Online Voting System for Eurovision Preselections

VIENNA, May 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

Support national music scenes and find the best national Eurovision acts - Global
Rockstar artist ZOE successful at Eurovision 2016

Voting - The heart of every contest 

From the national Eurovision preliminaries to the grand final - the voting system is
the heart of every music contest and often leads to emotional discussions among fans.

The music startup Global Rockstar has dedicated the last years to develop online
voting solutions that enable fair, reliable and thrilling online contests for partners
such as Disney, SUPER RTL or AKG by Harman.

A voting system that supports artists financially 

Now, Global Rockstar offers all countries that participate in the Eurovision its
unique contest platform to find the best national acts for upcoming Eurovision Song

In the Global Rockstar system, voters are rewarded with goodies (e.g. mp3s or signed
t-shirts) of their favourite artists. Artists are supported with a fair share of the
revenues generated by votes.

This voting system was created to complement the established model, where fans submit
millions of SMS votes at a cost without being rewarded, leaving participating artists also

"For the first time, artists, fans and broadcasters can profit from the voting of a
music contest. A win-win-win situation" says Global Rockstar founder Christof Straub.

Global Rockstar - success with ZOE 

In 2016, Global Rockstar made it possible for ZOE to represent Austria in the
Eurovision Stockholm 2016. In the grand final, ZOE was elected 8th in the public voting
from 42 participating countries. Together with the votes of all national juries, ZOE
placed 13th overall.

Yearly, Global Rockstar also conducts the world's largest online music contest, with
167 participating countries in 2015: From the USA to Russia, from St.Vincent to Mongolia.

Office: +43-1-89-00-849 


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